I was trained as a surgeon in China. After PhD studies in Sweden with mentors of Professor Stig Bengmark and Associate Professor Bo Persson, I joined Professor Charles Miller’s lab at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, doing hepatic cold ischemia/reperfusion studies in a rat liver transplant model as a post-doc in 1995. During that period, I set up a rat small bowel transplant model for Dr. Fishbein and developed interest in transplant immunology and also realized that I needed systemic training in immunology. That was why I joined Dr. Wayne Hancock’s lab. With his guidance, I did acquire a lot of knowledge of transplant and tumor immunology, but surgical skill is still my great interest. During the last 15 years in his lab, I have set up multiple mouse transplant models, i.e. cardiac, renal, skin and islet transplants. Lately I have developed mouse orthotopic and heterotopic limb transplants and orthotopic mouse lung transplant model with microsurgical technique. In addition, in Dr. Hancock’s lab, we are dissecting epigenetic regulation of Treg development, activation, function and, specifically the effects of HDACs and HATs on posttranslational modifications of Foxp3 protein, the master transcription factor for Treg cells.