I hail from Chandigarh which is also called as city beautiful in India. I did my M.S. at Panjab University, India. After securing a CSIR/UGC fellowship, I completed my Ph.D. at IMTECH Chandigarh in India. During my PhD studies, I investigated the structural, functional and kinetic details of mycobacterial polyphosphate kinase (PPK) 1, an enzyme required for mycobacteria survival under stress conditions and thus, could serve as a promising therapeutic target. I was always fascinated by the world of immunology and therefore, I joined the labs of Dr. Adam J. Adler and Dr. Anthony T. Vella at UConn for my postdoctoral studies. During my postdoc, I studied the mechanistic details on how dual costimulation (DCo) involving agonistic monoclonal antibodies against OX40 and 41BB provided tumor immunity. Additionally, I also explored the ways to further augment anti-tumor efficacy of DCO by engaging the tumor unrelated CD4 T cell help. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral Scientist on a collaborative project between a pharma company GSK and Dr. Wayne Hancock’s lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I am interested in studying the role of chemokine signaling in tumor immunity by utilizing small molecule based modalities.